Weekend Court Booking System

In order to book a court at weekends please email


or call Clive

All bookings, once confirmed, will appear on the calendar at knowlehilltc.com , so please check there for court availability first.

The “guidelines” for the system are:-

1) Home matches will take priority followed by coaching and club sessions.

2) Bookings for weekends only, 0830 to 1630

3) Bookings available in half hourly slots, up to a maximum of an hour for singles and two hours for doubles.

4) Bookings open on Monday (after 0800 !!) for the following weekend.

5) If someone has been unable to book a court one week then, if they say they would like to play the following week, they will be given priority.

6) If a court is not pre-booked normal priority of play will apply.

7) Please let Clive know if you cancel so he can remove the booking from the calendar.

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